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October 18-19

February 23-24, 2019

250 East Deer Street, Kountze, Texas 77625.

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250 East Deer Street

Kountze, TX



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About Our Landman Education Classes Landman Seminars USA offers Seminar Classes for Petroleum Landmen-designed to teach Land Professionals the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain and enhance their competency and performance in the profession. Potential Students Include: Land Professionals Attorneys Lease and Division Order Analysts Land Technicians and Clerks As with the Oil and Gas Industry in general, Petroleum Land Management has changed dramatically in recent years. Advances in horizontal drilling and engineering, and the resulting evolution of oil and gas law and lease clauses, computerized land management, databases and software, and the advent of online records and regulatory data have redefined Petroleum Land Management Practice. Our courses embrace the evolution and provide our students with instruction and materials which include the latest developments and knowledge and skills currently required by and practiced by the Land Management Profession. Landman Seminars USA offers the following Seminar Classes: Covers fundamental land title research, document preparation, mapping and leasing, curative, preparation of Ownership Reports and Runsheets Practical and applied computer and analytical skills workshop Special instruction in the use of Excel and Access for your runsheet and reports You will receive your copy of “The Art & Science of A Petroleum Landman” Your instructors will have combined sixty years experience in the Oil and Gas and Right of Way industries Includes Introduction to mineral ownership research; Indexing and beginning record searches Interpretation and analysis of document content. chaining title, preparing flowcharts and take-offs Plot field notes by hand plots and software deed-plots. Testate & Intestate succession, Adverse possession, Title Curative Learning negotiating skills and understanding conveyances and land descriptions DUHIG Rule, after-acquired title and other complexities Mineral Interest vs Royalty Interest NPRI’s, Easements, Leases, separate and community property laws and other Estates in Land Learn how to adapt your resumé to this industry -Advance Landman Skills and Knowledge Class I Topics: Pooling and Unitization in Texas, Concepts of Held by Production (HBP); Probates; Calculating Divisions of Interest: Perspective of Title Curative Including Limitation Title, Adverse Possession: Curative Affidavits and other Correction Documents, and Stipulations and Title Litigations. -Advanced Landman Class and Knowledge Class II Topics: Advanced Title Chaining Lecture and Workshop, Conveyancing, Working With Property Descriptions: Software Used as a Landman Professional: MS Word, Excel, Access, Deed Plotter, Terrain Navigator Pro. Curriculum: DAY 1: Title Chaining and Runsheet Workshop, Includes: Analyzing Conveyances, Critical Title Issues, Probate, and exercises DAY 2: Pooling, HBP, Division of Interest Includes: Texas Pooling and Unitization, Held By Production (HBP) Concepts and Exercises; Calculating Divisions of Interest: Concepts and Exercises DAY 3: Title Defects and Curative Includes: Texas Title Examination Standards, Title by Limitation and Adverse Possession, Curative Affidavits, Stipulations, Corrective Documents w/ forms and Title Litigation DAY 4: Software Tools for Property Descriptions and Reporting Workshop Includes: Working with Property Descriptions: Preparing Mineral Ownership Reports, Software used as a Land Professional: Deed Plotter, Terrain Navigator Pro, Excel, Access Landman Seminars USA Manuals: Students in the review of Landman Basic Skills and Knowledge Class receive a 254-page "Landman Desk Reference Manual; A Guide to the Art and Science of a Petroleum Landman". The Manual contains 30 pages of glossary, 22 pages of examples, and 166 pages of "how-to" knowledge. It is possible to pre-purchase the Manual if you are coming to a class at a later date. Students in the Advance Classes receive a Manual covering the Seminar Topics for each class drafted by a Practicing Oil and Gas Attorney, and reference materials which include relevant statutes, case law, legal articles and forms. About Your Instructor: ﷯Your instructor's experience totals thirty-five years, and encompasses many facets of the industries about which she teaches. A little less than half those years were spent as a landman, and about the same time spent as a Right of Way Agent. Squeezed in there is four years spent in Telecommunications Site Acquisition Agent and a little time spent as a Permitter. “Somehow, I’m driven to find people who yearn, as I did, for a better life and work I can do that suits my talents and abilities. I love seeing that moment in the eyes of my student when he says, ‘Oh, I get it.’” Check us out, but remember, this is a demanding business, slackers need not apply. Cost Of The Class: The cost of the two-day Basic Landman seminar is $500 pre-paid, or $550 at the door, if space is available. Landman Seminars USA offers a discount for booking more than one person into the seminar. The cost for two people is $775 and the cost for three or more people is $400 each. You may pay using Paypal, by clicking the icon on this page or you can pay by check. We offer a $50 discount for military veterans. REFUND POLICY: BEFORE CLASS BEGINS: You may request and receive a full refund of fees at any time before the course begins. AFTER CLASS BEGINS: If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with the training you are receiving, you may receive a full refund of all class fees paid, prior to noon of the last day of class, after returning the class materials you were given. Thereafter, you may request in writing and receive one-half of the fee paid, after returning the class materials you were given. For taking advantage of the discount, you will receive a rebate on your first day of class. If you'd like come back at a later date for a refresher course, contact us; when space is available, there is no charge for your second class.

Class size is limited to 25 people. See registration guidelines for more information.  You'll find the PayPal icon there.

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